Self-Locking Door Kit


self-closing door set

– Prevents cunning foxes and other predators from pushing the door up
– Innovative self-closing mechanism
– Recycled sturdy & durable plastic
– Sturdy aluminum door


What is a Self-locking Door Kit?

We are incredibly proud of our brand new self-locking door kit, which will further increase the security of your hen house.  A world first, the unique self-locking wings have been designed to prevent predators from raising the coop door and accessing your precious flock.

Once the door is fully lowered the wings are automatically released to lock it in place. You don’t need to do anything, except relax.

The self-locking door kit has been designed to compliment all of the ChickenGuard©units and is the ultimate way to guard against ‘fowl’ play from predators.

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Amazing Support

From The ChickenGuard Team

Tough & Recyclable

Our Door Kit Is Tough, Durable & Recyclable

Need Some Help With Your Self-Locking Door Kit?

Maybe Ben Can Help!?

ChickenGuard’s very own creator, Ben, has created a useful setup video, which might help, or if you prefer some good old ‘step by step’ guidance, we have a couple of options for you below. We encourage you to check these out thoroughly before contacting our team, so that we can give you the appropriate help. Thank you.

Why ChickenGuard?

Discover why ChickenGuard is tried and trusted by over 90,000 people all over the world.



Tough, durable and long lasting


Helps Stop Predators

Prevent predators claws from lifting the coop door


Unique self-locking wings

Specially designed self-locking wings



World’s first self-locking door kit



An additional level of security against predators


Stylish Design

A stylish black colour finish


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